5% Reward of sales

**5% first sale, 1% of all additional sales!

Sell $1000, you get a $50 reward!

Easy rewards and you are the right person to do it, and do it well!

  • Used Lifeome product and like it?
  • Collaborators using similar reagents and services as you do?
  • Know someone needs products we manufacture and sell?
  • A project is not moving and need some services?
  • Got the sales skills but don't like the pressure?
  • Simply looking for some easy rewards?

Lifeome has the right program for you!

So what do I get?

  • 1% rewards for all sales, yes, ALL sales from the accounts you referred
  • You "own" the accounts
  • Sales without the pressure of sales

So what's the catch?

Nothing but reward for your referral!* At your pace, whenever you can or like!

How can I sell and why would they buy?

  • 5% discount on all items they buy with your referral
  • They need the item, they trust you, and Lifeome packs Quality and Value with the products!
  • Save them time to look around when they have a trusted source of quality products

Ready to reap the 5% rewards?

That's easy. Just email orders\at\lifeome.com and we will send you the necessary information with a $10 Starbucks gift card to get your started!

*Sure, for legal reasons, there will be some fine prints. But really no catch and the 1% reward is solid.