Size: 96 Assays

Catalog Number: EQ028068Hu-96

HBV preS1-Ag ELISA, Human

Human Hepatitis B Virus pre S1 Antigen (HBV preS1-Ag) ELISA Kit

The kit is for the qualitative determination of human hepatitis B virus pre S1 antigen (HBV preS1-Ag) concentrations in serum, plasma and other samples.

Standard deviation is less than 8% for standards repeated 20 times on the same plate. It is less than 10% when the same sample is measured 20 times by different operators.

Kit Specifications

Target Species Human
UniProt ID N/A
Detection Sensitivity Positive/Nagative
Detection Range Positive/Nagative
Target Name HBV preS1-Ag
Long Names N/A
Sample Type/Volume 50-100ul


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