Shipping & Returns

Product Packaging, shipping and handling

  • Product Packaging

Quality first! Packaging and labeling is to guarantee the quality of the product and convenience of handling and storage.

Smaller carbon footage is good for our ecosystem, we will keep packaging simple if it satisfies the Quality requirements!

  • Shipping and handling

All products will be handled and shipped the best way satisfies temperature, shock and safety requirements.

We may reuse shipping/packaging material to keep our Earth Green! Please let us know if you prefer to use new packaging/shipping material.

  • Returns

We strive to provide you products with the highest quality! In rare accassions, if a product is defective or not functioning, we'd be happy to resolve it in the shortest amount of time and at your convenience.

We don't normally accept returns due to the nature of products as they maybe sensitive to temperature, storage and handling. You may dispose of unused parts of the product according to your local law and regulations. Please keep in mind any of these research products could be harmful to the environment, un-intended users or other lifes.

For the purpose of researching root cause of any non performing products, we may request you send a product back to Lifeome. In which case, Lifeome shall provide you with instructions on how to return.