Conditions of Use

Research Use Only (RUO)

Lifeome products are designed for Research Use Only. They are developed, assembled, transported and stored in controlled conditions to be stable as tested.

All products are made in batches, they perform to the same level under proper controlled conditions with specified shelf life, although product storage, handling or specific applications all affect the actual output.

They are made for scientific research, and please use in a scientific way!

You get your research results, Good! But be sure to dispose of the unused portions of the products or wastes in accordance with your local or national requirements.

Be Green, try your best to protect our Earth!

When you purchase and use products and services from Lifoeme, you agree:

That these products and services are for research use only, not intended and should not be used for any other purposes. It is the purchaser or user's responsibility to ensure that these products or services are being used in accordance with laws, rules, regulations, cultures, ethical and other requirements for your location.

Lifeome guarantees the product performance to their designated use and/or in the protocols provided. In cases it is determined that the products or services are not performing to specifications, Lifeome will determine if a replacement or refund is necessary but assumes no further responsibility beyond the purchase value of the product or services. Agreements and limitations to specific products and services are listed below.

If you have concerns or questions about using the products or services, consult your senior management teams, local or national law enforcement agencies.

Payment terms and conditions

1. Unless otherwise agreed, quoted or specified in written formats, when you purchase products and services from Lifeome, all payments are considered due immediately upon product delivery. For customers with good credits, Lifeome agrees Net30 terms in writing as a privilate, which can be withdrawn if there are outstanding balances for any given account at anytime, at Lifeome's sole choice. Lifeome reserves the right to charge a 1% interest per month on overdue amounts, up to 12 months, before being forwarded to collection agents.
In cases of custom services or the make of custom products, all payments are due aheand of performance of services or as quoted.

2. Credit service fees: For products and services purchased on Purchase Order, Lifeome expects timely payments by institutional check, bank draft, ACH or payment methods approved in advance by Lifeome. Lifeome reserves the right to charge credit services fee or 4.5% if paid by credit card, or $20 per transaction, whichever is greater and at Lifeome's sole choice. Lifeome charges $30 or $75 if paid by domestic or international bank wire, respectively or as charged by our bank services, and at Lifeome's sole choice.

Terms and conditions for custom services

1. Services as quoted: All services will be specifically quoted. Upon agreements to purchase by submitting PO or credit card payment specifically indicates that you agree with the quoted services. There is no implied services beyond those quoted. Lifeome will not be liable to perform any services unless specifically quoted.

2. Fee for service: All custom services are fee for service. Unless quoted otherwise, advance payment is required before a service is conducted.

3. Best efforts: Upon providing a quote, Lifeome is committed to provide best effort in conducting the service and delivering the final product and or services to you. Best effort means within scientific limits, reasonably planned and conducted with available scientific methods and or material.

4. Failure of service: Custom services such as molecular cloning, protein expression or similars are considered scientific research in nature. Carefully and scientifically planned experiments are meant to be successful but not a guaranttee. Lifeome will repeat or pursue alternative methods, within the subject project budget limit, which is the total payment of the project received from you, to achieve the best results as quoted. At any time, Lifeome reserves the right to declare the project a failure and terminate immediately without liability.

5. Refund for custom services: No refund for completed services or the segments of a service project already started. Resources are committed to the project upon ordering, and most of those committed resources can not be recovered or reused for other purposes. It is thus only possible for Lifeome to refund for the segments of a service project not started.

Products and services provided by Lifeome

Lifeome reserves the rights to provide or not to provide services and/or products to any institutions, individuals or purchasing requestes.

No obligation: Lifeome provide services with best efforts but no guarantee of results unless specified prior to services being performed. Scietific research experiments are complex and exploratory in nature with tendencies to fail, repeats of experiments and re-design might be necessary when experiments fail. Lifeome assumes no responsibility for time delays nor any related costs. Lifeome takes care of your samples with the same extent of care as if they are our own samples, yet assumes no responsibility in cases of sample loss due to any reason.